What should be the position of the ON / OFF button when charging?

It must be ON

What are the green and orange LEDs on the side for?

They give the battery status during charging (orange: in progress / green: charged)

What is the red led on the side for?

It signals that the 230 V AC / 12 V DC charger is active and that the battery is charging

How do I know the state of charge of the battery?

The 4-segment indicator indicates the actual battery charge (from 100 to 0%)

How to maintain the battery?

The battery is of the AGM type. It should not be left unloaded. Check that the load is still above 50%

How to store R180 to best preserve the battery?

The average storage temperature should not exceed 30 °. Set the switch to "OFF" when not in use.


Can it be turned off completely?

Yes by the ON / OFF switch located on the side

Does it stop on its own at the desired pressure?

Yes it does

Can it be stopped during operation?

Yes by pressing the On / Off button (with resumption of operation by pressing the button again)

Can it work on a 12 V cigarette lighter socket?

Yes and it charges at the same time

Can it work directly on 100/240 V?

No it cant

Can it work when plugged into the 100/240 V charger?

No it cant (except if the battery is charged to more than 50%)


Can it be used in sand or dust?

No it cant

Can it be used in the rain?

No it cant. it is not waterproof. Avoid exposure to splashing water

Can the R180 be used in direct sunlight?

No it cant - avoid sources of heat and direct rays that could damage the screen

What is the temperature range for use?

-5 ° / + 35 °

Is it sensitive to shocks?

Yes it is - it should not be dropped and it should be transported and stored in its case

Can it be stored in the trunk of a car?

Yes, in its pouch

Can we move away from R180 while using it?

No you cant, R180 is a tool that must be kept under user control at all times for safety reasons.

Can we fly with the R180?

Yes, the R180 is allowed in checked baggage. Its internal battery is of the lead-acid type (UN NUMBER : UN 2800 - CLASS : 8). If in doubt contact your airport security.


Does altitude influence the pressure measurement?

No, not significantly below 2000m

Does the chosen pressure stay in memory after turning it off?


Do the pressure indications vary when changing the measurement unit?

No, R180 does the conversions automatically


Does the automatic nozzle hold in place on its own?

Yes, even if the pressure is great

Can we use R180 to inflate tubeless?

Yes, mainly for tubeless ready systems. Tests to be done according to brands and tire types

How accurate is the pressure measurement?

0.1 bar minimum

What are the precautions to take when inflating a shock absorber?

It is recommended to make several stages by pressing the on / off button and circulating the air in the shock absorber.


Does R180 require special maintenance?

No it doesnt

Should it be lubricated?

no it's an oil-free compressor

Can the R180 battery be changed?

Yes (by the after-sales service to keep the warranty)

Can it be taken apart?

No except by after-sales service or unless otherwise agreed